5 Benefits of our New Edition App

22 January 2019


Following the launch of our brand-new Edition app we thought we’d compile 5 reasons why you should consider taking a closer look at our latest launch…
1. Automation – although publishers are able to jump into our new ‘Edition Portal’ to make changes to content, images or templates, our Edition apps can be fully automated, which means that once setup is complete all subsequent editions will process automatically. This means that you don’t need to find additional resource to build, manager or launch a new ‘Edition’ app. Our ‘Edition’ solution can sit in a standalone app or can be made available alongside your Replica edition within your current PageSuite app. It’s also available as an SDK so can be plugged into a third-party app too.
2. Launch New Editions – Our Edition solution enables you to package up existing content to create new ‘spin off’ brands. This means that you could launch a brand new ‘evening’ or ‘afternoon’ edition or create a special weekend ‘sports’ or ‘business’ publication to capture a new audience or encourage existing print readers to adopt new digital consumption habits.
3. Drive New Revenue – Launching new ‘Editions’ provides you with many ways to generate new revenue, whether this is by packaging it up as a new product with its own price point or by up-selling premium digital-only ads or perhaps selling sponsorships.
4. Replacing Print – Some publishers may want to replace print on certain weekdays to save on production costs. Our Edition solution could be utilised on these days to provide readers with that familiar ‘cover to cover’ experience across digital platforms.
5. Leverage High Engagement Times – working with many publishers across the globe, we know that the highest engagement times are evident across our ePaper platform. Therefore, we believe the ‘cover-to-cover’ flow of the Edition app will resonate with existing ePaper consumers, already familiar with this type of reading experience.
Take a closer look at our brand new Edition solution and email to book a demo!