PageSuite and Metro Jornal São Paulo Collaborate on New Digital Strategy

14 September 2020


PageSuite has launched a brand new print-replica ePaper for Metro Jornal São Paulo, with a Live news app to follow.
In an effort to enhance their digital offering and deliver readers an enhanced experience, Metro Jornal São Paulo will be utilizing PageSuite’s market-leading Edition and Live solution. They’ve already launched a new ePaper, enabling their readers to access their digital editions via the web browser across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.
The ePaper has been developed using PageSuite’s Edition platform, which is used by leading publishers across the globe. It features a range of key reader features, ensuring readers can seamlessly access content across all devices. Readers will have access to a full archive of previous digital editions and be able to search and share editions for specific content.
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for reliable digital solutions, particularly as fewer people are able to access print copies. PageSuite’s ePaper platform means that readers will be presented with that familiar print-like experience but in a digital format.
The Live news app is currently being developed and as well as containing the print-replica newspaper, will also display the latest live news content, offering readers two completely different reading experiences.
“With PageSuite’s ePaper, we started offering a new experience for readers, with features that they had never had in the digital version of the newspaper. And the possibilities for advertising have expanded a lot because now we can offer a type of interactivity between the brands and readers that before was impossible”, says Ivana Moreira, Chief editor of Metro Jornal.
Ross Murphy, CEO at PageSuite said, “We are delighted to be working with Metro Jornal São Paulo to enhance their digital offering. Their new ePaper means that readers can now access the print-replica paper wherever they are, whilst the Live news app will ensure they have access to the latest content at all times”.