PageSuite's Digital Publishing Report

19 January 2017


In December, PageSuite conducted industry-wide research surveying over 100 publishing executives in an attempt to find out more about the various industry challenges and trends encountered over the last 12 months.
The Digital Publishing report explores how publishers are adapting to rapidly declining print circulations and the digital strategies that are being implemented to combat the downward momentum.  The industry is ever evolving and changing, therefore it is in everyone’s interest to continuously monitor what strategies other publishers are applying to grow and nurture their digital audiences.
The report discovered some fascinating trends including, 38.8% of publishers believe creating engaging adverts will be a key strategy to increasing profitability in 2017. The report also reveals what their biggest priorities and concerns are for the forthcoming year while featuring a selection of industry predictions.
If you would like to see a full breakdown of the report with more interesting findings of the ever-changing publishing landscape, you can download it here.