Product release 1.7

15 March 2023
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Lucy Penn

Sales & Marketing Director


We have moved to more regular, smaller releases for the product and since 1.6 have made 10 point releases onto the 1.6 codebase. These will be included in the update to 1.7 which is now available;

Full-page article view with thumbnail [web]

A page thumbnail provides a preview of the page the article is from so the user can see where they are within the edition. If the user continues to swipe through articles then the thumbnail will update to show the article highlighted on the page, and update the page as they move.

full page article view

Search highlighting on PWA [web]

The PWA reader now has search highlighting enabled. The PWA reader always had search, but now the content within an edition will be highlighted, making it easier for the reader to browse relevant content. Search highlighting is already enabled if you have the HTML5 reader powering your ePaper.

Mather Integration [web]
This integration supports sending page view and article view events to Mather for analytics on the web products – across our HTML5 & PWA reader.

Account Deletion [app]
To comply with Apple guidelines, all apps that include the ability to create an account must also support the ability to delete that account.

We had initially planned to develop this as an API call out to publisher systems but most clients were not at a point where they had an account deletion endpoint available.

The current implementation supports either an email (where a pre-formatted email is sent to a publisher email address), or a link out to a web form where the user can request that their account is deleted.

pagesuite account deletion
Link to Google Play subscription centre [app]
To comply with Google Play Store Policy, a new button will be displayed in the account page if users have bought any subscriptions on Android. Tapping this button will take the user to the Google Play subscription centre on their device where they are able to manage their subscription.

Edition archive screen [app]
To support publishers who want to show a limited number of editions on the archive screen and then a further, larger archive of editions, we have made the number of editions on the initial screen configurable (this was previously set to a hardcoded limit of 30)

Download status dialog [app]
This dialog appears when the user clicks on download edition. We are displaying two messages: first when the edition download starts and second when the edition download is complete.

Other features and updates:

  • App Localisations – now stored as an external file which can be edited
  • Search filters – filter by page or article, and date
  • Inline Icons for articles card headlines to indicate premium content
  • Tabbed and NestedTabbed sections for news feed
  • Onboarding flows – users can select their initial view as ePaper or feed, choose topics to follow, sign up for push etc
  • New UI for subscriptions screen
  • SSO – Facebook, Google, AppleSignIn, Twitter
  • Add link to push notifications settings on device from app settings

Support added for the following SDKs:

  • Auth0
  • Segment Analytics
  • Chartbeat Analytics
  • Amplitude Analytics
  • Sourcepoint CMP

SDK updates:

  • Comscore upgrade to version 6.9.0
  • Update Android target API for Flutter to 31
  • Update to Google Play Billing Library 4