Virtual Roundtable Sessions with PageSuite

4 May 2020


Over the coming months, we are looking to hold a series of virtual roundtable sessions so that we stay connected with our clients whilst we’re unable to travel and attend on-site meetings.
The first few events will focus on our own product roadmap and will give attendees a great opportunity to gain an insight into the future development of our solutions, whilst having input into feature requests and prioritization.
Our Product Director, Simon Fry, will lead these initial sessions by presenting our core solutions, before running through our roadmap. We’ll then open up the session and encourage attendees to provide feedback and lead discussions around product requirements.
These sessions will provide a great opportunity for you to gain a deeper insight into PageSuite’s product development, whilst engaging with other publishers to help shape the future of our products.
We will be using Zoom to host these 60-minute sessions and will be limiting them to just six attendees to make sure that everybody has an opportunity to take part in discussions. If you would like to be involved in one of our first virtual roundtables then please email